How Can I Unbanned My Whatsapp Number (Banned)?

How Can I Unbanned My Whatsapp Number (Banned)? post thumbnail image

New Tricks To Unbanned A Whatsapp Number Banned Without Loosing A Contact Or Chats (Step By Step)….

Unbanned Whatsapp Number
Whatsapp Number Unbanned

Whatsapp Inc is trying to protect their platform thereby information is encrypted end-to-end, for you to use the platform without restrictions, you have to agree to their terms of Service (ToS).

If you feel that your account (whatsapp number) comply to their terms and conditions but still yet got banned, check your whatsapp activities like whatsapp status, forwarded messages and chats, images and Videos.

One major reason why your account might be blocked or banned Is a term I called “Links Activities“, this word might be new to you but I would explain all you need to know by the end of this post.

Why Is My Whatsapp Number Banned?

You have to first of all know why your account is banned. 
Watch this video  tutorial. 

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