Real Step By Step Method To Get More Prospects In Network Marketing

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Marketing Business is a Game Of Numbers, you have to be Strategic to succeed in this Business today.

To as every other Business you know of,  you have to know the business works and what makes money for the business. 

If you are new to the business, you should alway stay connected with your Sponsor (Upline) for detailed training,  attend seminars,  workshop for members and other resources that can help you get to know the business faster and better. 

Once you have a strong knowledge of what the company goals are. Now you can start referring others to join your network marketing business as you did from the start. 

In any Network Marketing Business, these two factors are what makes anyone succeed or popular in the Business.

#1: Selling Company’s Products and services. 

#2: Referral Business For The Company – MLM Recruiting .

There are no doubt that the number one reason you joined that Network Marketing Business is to Make Money.

That is the first goal of Starting A Business – To Make Money. 

But when your Marketing Message is not Clarified  and Attractive,  Nobody would buy what you sell. 

Here in this article, I would only focus more on the Referral Business part of Network Marketing and teach more later on the selling part on my next post article => Marketing What You Sell To Buyers.

How To Recruit More Prospects To Your Network Marketing Team ( 2 Simple Hack) 

Before I publish this article,  during my topic research – I discovered that most result that appear on first page of google never talked about this Recruiting Hacks I am about to show you right now. 

It is simple and super actionable tips that works in record time. 

#1: GiveAway – 

GiveAway is an ever green magnetic bribe that makes people unconditional do things that you want. 

It has been some top secret of success big companies we see today, many also use it to get contact details from prospects/ potential buyers.

Note: Collecting contact details of people who are never interested is the worst marketing strategy any business will do. 

Yes, everyone likes ROI (Return On Investment) and before they join your network team, they would like to know more your company’s ROI and others.

When you offer a valuable GiveAway to only those that sign up under you, that would help increase your downlines.

Your giveaway should be something that people want and worth something with value. 

Set limited time frame to claim the offer to make people take action as you market your Networking Business. 

Giveaways can be your own Products, Services or Other People Products.

#2: Discount-

Here is the sweet spot;

Not everyone knows that these single secret works like super glue, it makes your downline feel committed to you and would follow anything you want them to do.

What does these mean.

Not everyone has the required registration fee for your Network Marketing Business and would like to join, it would not be wise to pay for everyone even though you are very rich but when you give discounts or offer to pay half the registration fee for the first 10 – 20 prospects or complete registration fee for the first 5 to take action, that can also help you get more recruitment and sign ups

What if you do not have enough resources to do this?

No problem, you can find a Sponsor or talk with you regional manager and work with their advice.

But in all,  GiveAway is the best I think.

You have nothing to loose, you only give your Giveaways to people that sign up under you.

You can offer a training class for your downline and train them on how to recruit more prospects fast.


I call this Hack,  G&D Recruiting Formula.

Any business can implement it and see great result, it can also help sales team know how a product can perform in the market and scale up their marketing message.

Now, I would like to know your thought on this topic, which of these hack would you use;

GiveAway  Method or Discount Method?

Drop your comment below and also do me a favour by sharing this post to people you think might be interested to know more about this.

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