Eno Sam May Seminar

The stay-at-home order has literally opened us up to the reality that in the coming years, a huge competitive advantage will be centered on the high-demand skills which are relevant in the new decade.

Truth is, I have been well positioned for the future of work and business even before lockdown was announced. And I can tell exactly what works.

It’s solely your responsibility to equip yourself with relevant skills and position yourself for profitability even without stepping out of your house. And that’s why we are bringing you this value-packed training for almost free.

The other day, I was reflecting back at the times when I was working a 9-5 job and earning a meagre 5-figure every month and what would have become of me if lockdown happened at that time. Of course, it would have meant being stuck at home without making any money, waiting for salary that may never come early. This is not what you want for yourself. Don’t only focus on your offline dealings and ignore digitalisation and relevant skill acquisition. Using high-demand digital tools and published assets, you can begin your journey to income building.

How can you write a book that brings you income?

How do you get it published?
What digital tools do you need to grow your business even from home?
What if you could use explainer videos to attract more clients to your business?

Oh well, if you watched the video I posted yesterday, it was created by Ody and that video alone literally sent in new sets of one-on-one clients to my business who were hiring me for one service or the other as regards their book projects, most of whom I will be ghostwriting for and also giving expert insights on their upcoming books.

What if you could learn how to create such videos and drive more traffic to your business and even make money creating videos like that for other business owners? She will be teaching you how to create explainer videos at this training.

What if you could write your own book and build a 7-figure business simply by becoming an author? That’s what I have achieved and helped many professionals achieve. I am willing to show you how to write and publish a bestselling book. You’ll get to know the digital tools relevant for business growth.

As a bonus, we’ve included Lovers’ Talk to the package. Mrs Ody who is a relationship expert will be sharing tips on how to spark up your love life even under the lockdown. This will be all shades of fun; more like after-party.

Because we love and care about you, we are bringing you this special gift. Lockdown or no lockdown, my work has not been paused. So, it’s time to reposition your own career and business for Post Covid-19 and even the current lockdown.

The value of this particular training is ₦100,000 but since we want to contribute our quota in helping you acquire relevant skills, registration has been made ₦5,000 only, so that anybody who really wants to be positioned for income and acquire relevant skills can do so.

The session will be happening next week.
(2nd May & 3rd May, 2020)

So, you have to register now. Don’t miss this once-in-a-bluemoon offer.

Pay ₦5,000

2124054806 UBA.
After payment, indicate via this link:

See you on the other side.

Eno Sam