How To Start And Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing Business (Step By Step)

How To Start And Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing Business (Step By Step) post thumbnail image

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? And you do not have a blog yet or a YouTube Channel,  you are wasting your money promoting Whatsapp Group on Facebook Ads. Lol.


In today’s you tutorial, I am going to show you why you should start a blog doing your affiliate Marketing on it and never waste money on Paid Ads without it converting.

I know you do not have time updating your blog always, that is why I want to show you how you can do it for profit using two method that has never fail or Change till now.

Blogging is hard as FAILED Bloggers usually say, but it is not easy to build to an Authority Level as many Successful blogs you know about today. Everything has Changed.

There are Step By Step Method in Building a Profitable Blog in today’s World.

I would assume you have already joined any Affiliate Program of your Choice and want to promote your Affiliate Links via every Possible channel. That means, we are not discussing on How To Make Money Blogging here but how to use a blog to promote your Affiliate Business.

Though, Affiliate Marketing is one of the common ways to make money blogging.

Do I Need A Website/Blog To Do Affiliate Marketing

Not really, but would help you scale up your Affiliate Earnings and build lasting relationship between you and your referral and Affiliates.

Also, Creating a blog website can help you spend less on Advertising and paid promotions. It works best if you are doing Email Marketing alongside with your Blog from day one.

How To Create Affiliate Marketing Blog On A Tight Budget (No Money)

You can create a free blog or cheap website blog but it all depends on the features and functionality you want the site to posses.

Many uses Google Blogger (Blogspot) to create a free Professional blog while others who want a super functioning website blog for their affiliate marketing uses WordPress, you should know that WordPress software is free but you must buy a Webhost to manage it.

Also, WordPress has two family which are and, is know and called Self hosted WordPress while is a hosted WordPress.

Self Hosted means you can get Webhost from any Webhosting Company and install Self Hosted Wordpres on it and start using but is a hosted CMS (content Management System) already hosted my it is free with limited features buy you can pay to use premium features like Plugins, themes, domain name, analytics (stats).

I prefer using Self Hosted WordPress than using

That is my own choice, you can decide yours or even use a free hosted blog like Blogspot which is own by Google Blogger and use a custom domain name and change from free theme to premium theme if you want to make it look Professional.

Is WordPress Good For Affiliate Marketing

Yes,  It is the BEST Content Management System (CMS) to use  but it should be with Self Hosted WordPress.

Step By Step Guide To Create WordPress Website/Blog

For Nigerians, I would advice you to use Whogohost and if you like foreign things, use Bluehost.

Bluehost – Foreign Webhosting Company.

Whogohost – Africa Best Webhosting Company in Nigeria

In which ever you decide to choose,  there are common steps to pass through to get your site fully Connected to the internet.

Step #1: Check Domain Availability, You can use the tool below.

Step #2: Choose A Webhosting Plan that best suit your budget.

Step #3: Install WordPress.

Step #4: Create A Responsive Landing Page or Use a default homepage.

You can do this yourself or Contact our expert team to help you create your Affiliate Marketing Website Or Blog from Scratch to Finish at no cost.

Okay let me show you how this System works

Proof That Affiliate Marketing Website/Blog Really Works (Case Study)

It would not happen like Magic but if you put what I am about to show you into practice you would thank me later.

Even if you want to run Paid Adverts on Facebook with a Whatsapp group class, I gave a tutorial on how to do it strategically on a Blog post before this – Check it out here.

Facebook Advert is the cheapest but if only you do it the RIGHT WAY and avoid loosing your hard earn money to Mark and co.

As digital marketing expert, I would advice you first focus on Creating, Building and Growing your Email List to at least 1,000 subscribers or more.

There are many Email Management and Marketing Website you can use like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Aweber and SendinBlue. etc.

You can add yours in the comment section below this post.

I would like to know which email marketing software you are currently using or which you did like to use.

Importance Of Building A Trusted Email List

* Saves You Money ( You do not need to pay Advertisers always to promote your affiliates link).

* Generate More Income. A well built Automated Email List can generate you more commission even while you are not running promotion for that product.

* Subscribers Pay You To Handle The Product or Service Set Up for them.

* You have more Time Relax.

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