How To Promote Your Business And Product At Cheap Rate Online

Blogs that accept advert for free in Nigeri

How To Advertise Your Business/Product Online 

You can advertise your business online by promoting it on site with targeted Traffic, good reputation and fit in your business category.

However, promoting your business/product is a way to get known by different interested individual and get trusted by them.

Many online payment are too expensive and they would only dump your link on their website and start counting days for it to expire.

But,  we are not like that.

Here is why we are different in this business.

We have different blogs and and social media groups and pages we also promote your business to and add your links and social media link there  for potential customers to follow you up and eventually buys from you.

Another secret why you should trust us is that we show you how to run profitable ads on other big brands like facebook ads, google and the rest.

Our pricing rate are affordable and targetable.

We cover just a micro niche online which are Online Business and Marketing.

We are not Jack of all trades master of none, we do not post news on website.

Many people who go to read new online are not ready to pay for your product or service but people who are eager to know latest online business and marketing tips to grow their business are willing to pay you if your product best suit their needs.

Your banners, links and ads message are not hidden.

We place them were people are likely to click on it and go to your link.

You set your bid choosing from our campaign biding and we handle the rest and gives you best results.

Here is our Ads Space Pricing plan:.

How Much To Advertise Online?

We charge you base on your product type to help you get effective results, but here is our regular plan.

₦100/per Day .

₦2,000/per Month.

Note the higher your placement during the lower the price, for example you want to place for a whole year, which is ₦2,000 per month equals to (=) ₦24,000 a year.

We give you a discount for 2 month and you would just pay only ₦20,000 per year.

Do you see how cheap and affordable our ads can be.

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